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Architectural Branding: ArchiWest's tale

Brand identity is a delicate craft, so we worked closely with our graphic design partner to come up with something meaningful that tied in with our 3rd year in business.

We needed a design and colour that reflected our passion, our story and our unique approach to working with unique buildings.

The new design flips the script with the back to front 'E' giving a nod to the past, whilst highlighting the unique and often quirky buildings that we enjoy working on. It also happens to point West... ;-)

A company font is important to get right and we needed a classic, elegant typeface that continued the above themes. The designer put several fonts in front of us and the clear winner was Domaine - this font has a fresh contrast and just felt effortless.

"despite its intricate details Domaine never feels overworked or fussy and successfully modernizes some of the most interesting aspects of older Latin designs for a new audience"

...The Font review journal


The lambda symbol has been used for for a very long time and holds different meanings for mathematicians, scientists, engineers and the like. It was also adopted by the Spartans and painted on their shields to show pride of their homeland.

The exact meaning of the lambda is specific to the context in which it's used as it has various use in the fields of science, technology and even cosmology to illustrate different ideas and concepts. This ties into multiple facets of our story, with strong historic meaning interwoven with modern interpretation, specifically when used in u-values to represent material heat conductivity (W/mK) linking to sustainability principles. Once these dots were connected, the whole design fell into place.

Our talented graphic design partner worked hard to interpret our detailed brief and credit must go to @designedbyrich for design inspiration. By combining typographic styles that reflect modernism and heritage they were able to create the typographic led identity that's both unique, quirky and in harmony with our core practice values.

Above: Inspo

" A T T H E H E A R T O F E V E R Y P R O J E C T I S T H E I M P O R T A N C E O F E N S U R I N G C O N T I N U I T Y O F U S E A N D E N J O Y M E N T F O R M A N Y Y E A R S T O C O M E "



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