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Changing Landscape: Somerset Design Consultations

CHANGING LANDSCAPE: as a small business continuing to provide architectural service through this lock down, we've adapted our approach to consultation across a range of media, now including a Video call consultation service. We also offer a fully online service to help and assist with residential projects across the West Country and the UK.

For video consultations we're using Zoom (the free video conferencing and hosting service) which enables fast video streaming across the UK.

If you would like to talk through a project that you've been considering for a while or have any questions about the planning process, listed buildings or building regs then head over to the bookings page to reserve a slot. During the call we'll aim to answer all your queries and virtually tour around your property with you if you are using a laptop or mobile device.

When we are out on the other side of Covid-19 lock downs and restrictions the building industry will be kick-started into action with a bang. Now is a great time to start project planning! 01934 311017



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