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We provide a wide-ranging pre-design stage support on House Extension Somerset projects that require detailed planning, commonly involving feasibility studies, in which we can appraise the practicalities of a project. This allows a review of the viability of a project before engaging in further more time-consuming works.

We can also help to further define a project and assist in the development of practical project briefs. We can advise on planning applications, both in respect of the necessity of any applications and the format, timeframe and other practicalities.


Similarly, we can provide guidance regarding the Building Regulations that may apply to your project.

We regularly work with clients who are looking to develop an existing site, including renovations, house extensions and conversion projects. This could be to create more space, change the use of the building or to increase the building's efficiency. 

Our designers provide creative solutions to private clients, building companies, professional developers and consultants. Please get in touch for an informal discussion to explore your project, or to arrange an appointment at our design studio in Cheddar.

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