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Building Surveying Somerset

measured building surveys

Using a mixture of traditional survey methods and the latest technology we are able to produce accurate and detailed floor plans, sections and elevations of existing buildings and structures.

Our experienced team have worked on many building surveys over the years including private dwellings, country estates, churches, commercial buildings, listed buildings,  schools and sporting venues.

On our visit to your property we will record the existing measurements of the building, also taking a range of photographs, so that the recorded space can be fully visualised. Once this has been completed, those measurements are then turned into a set of existing drawings. Depending on the type of development you are carrying out, these can include floor plans, elevations, a section, site plan and roof plan.

On-site measurements will be taken with a variety of instruments to produce the model at the required accuracy all calculated in accordance with the 

RICS Code of Measuring Practice.


The on-site measurements will then be processed and interpolated into a usable format in either 2D or 3D.

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