H E R I T A G E  &  P L A N N I N G

As the world evolves and people change, so does the built environment. It’s a common misconception that conservation is about the preservation of buildings in their entirety. Institutions such as Historic England, SPAB and charters such as ICOMOS emphasise that buildings must not just exist but also continue to be in use. Therefore, an innovative approach to conservation is key.

Creativity, perseverance, experience and skill are required to take on any major refurbishment, particularly when factoring in sustainability and climate change. 

Whilst heritage buildings are often listed, that doesn't mean that more modern unique buildings are less valued, they are just less time-proven. We aim to look outside of listing status and consider the reuse of all existing buildings, particularly those which can no longer perform as they should - Retention and retrofitting is the key.

With every new project we have a responsibility to design and shape our environment with anticipation of the future. It’s important that our designs are not only robust and adaptive, but also connected with people.

"A T  T H E  H E A R T  O F  E V E R Y  H E R I T A G E  P R O J E C T  I S  T H E  I M P O R T A N C E  O F  E N S U R I N G  T H E  B U I L D I N G  C A N  B E  C O N T I N U A L L Y  U S E D  A N D 
C O N T I N U A L L Y  E N J O Y E D  F O R  M A N Y  Y E A R S  T O  C O M E "

Listed building project in Wellington
Mill restoration